Tumblr of aspiring demisexual (pansexual) author Brenda Agaro. She writes young adult and new adult speculative fiction, mostly featuring monstrous and wandering heroines.

She is now mostly working on a science fantasy novella, a retelling of H.G. Wells' The Island of Doctor Moreau, tentatively titled SHIFTING SANDS (POC ladies! More monstrous ladies becoming empowered!).

She is also working on starting another creative outlet (collages), and will (hopefully) soon open a new Tumblr blog featuring her artwork.

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❝ I don’t know," Elend finally said, sitting back in his chair, sighing. "Vin … isn’t like other women."
Tindwyl raised an eyebrow, her voice softening slightly. “I think that the more women you come to know, Your Majesty, the more you’ll find that statement applies to all of them. ❞


The Well of Ascension, Brandon Sanderson 

I read this line and went yes yes yes!!! So great to see this awareness of the idea of “not like other girls” bullshit idea in a book, and from a male author, no less! 

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I’m not sure if I ever want to continue watching Magi: The Kingdom of Magic. I’ve watched the first episode of the second season sometime last year, but a certain scene threw me off from watching the next episode. Don’t ask unless you want me to go off on a long ass tirade about sexual harassment and the importance of consent.


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❝ Monsters were wild. Monsters were strong. Monsters were fierce and free. If I was monstrous…perhaps it wasn’t such a bad thing. ❞

- ― Sarah Diemer (via clitorisesandsnorlaxes)

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