Tumblr of aspiring demisexual (pansexual) author Brenda Agaro. She writes young adult and new adult speculative fiction, mostly featuring monstrous and wandering heroines.

She is now mostly working on a science fantasy novella, a retelling of H.G. Wells' The Island of Doctor Moreau, tentatively titled SHIFTING SANDS (POC ladies! More monstrous ladies becoming empowered!).

She is also working on starting another creative outlet (collages), and will (hopefully) soon open a new Tumblr blog featuring her artwork.

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Vox Day and the Hugos – Why We Should Just Say No. →


Trigger Warning: Racism, sexism, homophobia, rape apologism, some truly heinous stuff. Approach with caution.

Today, the Hugo Award nominations were released. Given how strong a year it was in science fiction as well as for fandom activity, the finalists are ultimately a strong…

5 Common Story Problems with Simple Fixes →


Our stories are often plagued with these common story problems, but if we don’t know how to fix them, we’ll never improve our writing. It’s important that you remember you don’t need to scrap your novel if you keep having the same issues over and over again. Hopefully this…

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When characters suddenly seem like completely different people


…and it’s not planned:

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When you beat Nanowrimo every year, but Camp Nano is impossible

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